About Us

DISCLAIMER – We love video games – not just the games themselves, but the entire gaming experience and all of the delicious details that comprise it.  We love video game soundtracks, we collect gaming action figures, paraphernalia, artwork and the like, and in our younger years we lost many nights and weekends to some of my favorite video game titles (not so much now that we are married and have a beautiful young daughter).  We have had the unique experience of attending multiple gaming expos thanks to my employment in the gaming industry and have watched this grow over the years from a niche hobby to a cultural touchstone that encompasses the planet.  

Over the course of our lives, our appreciation for all things electronic has been our one constant in a sea of changing interests and passing fads.  We have saved the world more times than we can count, found the castle (and the princess) that we were looking for, discovered the surprising truth about cake (it’s a lie), and along the way realized that if you stop and smell the roses you will find that nearly every piece of grass or shrubbery in a game is actually made of piles of cash or gold waiting to be harvested.  (Seriously, who is still hiding their money in bushes and barrels?  It just seems like a remarkably insecure means of storing your valuables.)

   We are also proud and unapologetic Christians, and our lives are defined by our personal relationship with a very real God and His Son Jesus Christ.  We have spent an even greater part of our lives studying the strategy guide for life that He provided for us, the Bible.  He is the reason we are here, the One who gives purpose to our lives, and due to the selfless sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, we can have a more fulfilling life here on earth as well as rest secure in the knowledge that we will spend the entirety of the afterlife in a paradise that He has created for us.            

   These articles and videos are meant to take the experiences we have had in the world of video games and relate those to the Biblical truths we have found through our own study of the Bible and the inspiration of the Spirit of God.  Use of particular games in the entries that follow should not be considered a recommendation of these titles or a gauge of the appropriateness of its content for all ages, maturity levels, or beliefs.  We strongly encourage all gamers and parents to utilize not only the ESRB ratings on the game cases when making your entertainment decisions, but to listen to the guidance of God on what is beneficial for you to spend your time with.

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